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San Francisco Office

We specialize in document filing services for law firms and researching public records for banks and escrow companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our services include obtaining certificates from the Secretary of State and Franchise Tax Board, performing UCC, tax lien and judgment searches and recording fictitious business names with the County Recorder, conducting pending litigation searches and reviewing case records with the courts and processing international documents at foreign consulates. If you are interested in related services or jurisdictions not indicated on our coverage map please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

You can call or email us your requests.
We also offer pickup and delivery service to our San Francisco based clients.

GCS Search Company, Inc.

560 Haight Street, Suite 104, San Francisco, CA 94117
Tel: 415-864-1170

San Francisco

  • SF County Recorder
  • SF Superior Court
  • US District Court - Northern District
  • Franchise Tax Board
  • Consulates in SF and Bay Area

San Mateo

  • San Mateo County Recorder
  • San Mateo Superior Court

Santa Clara

  • Santa Clara County Recorder
  • Santa Clara Superior Court


  • Alameda County Recorder
  • Alameda Superior Court
  • US District Court - Northern District

Santa Cruz

  • Santa Cruz County Recorder
  • Santa Cruz Superior Court

Contra Costa

  • Contra Costa County Recorder
  • Contra Costa Superior Court


  • Marin County Recorder
  • Marin Superior Court


  • Sonoma County Recorder
  • Sonoma Superior Court


  • Napa County Recorder
  • Napa Superior Court


  • Solano County Recorder
  • Solano Superior Court


  • Sacramento County Recorder
  • Sacramento Superior Court
  • Secretary of State

GCS Search Company, Inc.

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